Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zhengzhou Day 5

This morning we visited the Zhengzhou city aquarium. It was nice, but not as nice as the large aquariums we're used to back home. There was one floor dedicated for fresh water fish and another floor for salt water fish. There was a sea lion show and a mermaid show. The divers were swimming with sharks and stingrays and actually doing tricks with them. John seemed to enjoy himself, although he didn't like to get up very close to the fish tanks, especially with the larger, stranger-looking fish. I don't blame him. :)

We came back to the hotel for lunch and we all took a good nap. I think we were all still pretty worn out from yesterday. After the nap, our guide brought us our translated adoption certificate and the notarized copies of John's birth and abandonment certificates. We will get his passport tomorrow and then we'll be off to Guangzhou for the last leg of the trip! Plus maybe we will get less stares in Guangzhou.

We walked to McDonald's for dinner. John enjoyed his chicken mcnugget happy meal. We have been eating Chinese food. It's just a treat when we make the long treks to American restaurants. John has actually slowed down just a bit on his eating although he still wants everything that we're eating along with his, even if we are having the same thing. He expressed his distaste for steamed Chinese buns, fried Chinese dough, and dragon fruit this morning at breakfast. Don't worry, buddy, we won't be having any of that at home anyway!

We stopped by another park on the way back. There was a pigeon house there with lots of white pigeons everywhere.

Bedtime was fun. We taught him to say "Roll Tide" and he kept saying it over and over. Good boy! We were also talking about the English names of body parts, like ear, nose, eyes, etc. He will usually imitate us when we try to teach him an English word. But he was adamant that we were wrong. He kept telling us the Chinese word very sternly!

He did much better with Billy today. He let Billy carry him some and would sit in his lap just a little. He's having so much fun with Billy though. He has never been around any males (except children). He's learning what it means to have a daddy!

 At the aquarium
 This was a first for could bottle feed these fish!
 Pigeons at the park
 Noodles for lunch
This one says it ALL!!!

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The Smith's said...

Loving all the pictures. John looks like a very happy boy. God bless!