Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guangzhou Day 6--Consulate Appointment

I didn't get this typed up last night, mostly because there isn't much really to tell. :) Our boredom is getting the best of us. Sure, we could take a taxi and go on some sort of sightseeing trip but we're just over it. We just want to come home and resume life, with a new little person in it. We miss our children so much! However, we do not regret our decision for them to stay at home. It would have been a rough trip for them. Plus, we've got to spend time getting to know John. He has really needed undivided attention from us to get him through this big life change! That's about to come to a screeching halt! ha ha

We've so far stayed healthy on the trip. We've about given away all of our medication to the other families with us. It seems like there's at least one family member in each of them that has been under weather. So, we're coming home without the amoxicillin, baby Tylenol, Cipro, and Permethrin. Yeah, we think one kid had scabies. :( About the only thing we've endured is I strained my lower back some, probably by carrying big John!

The big accomplishment for our Thursday was our long awaited U.S. Consulate appointment! We don't have any pictures from this as they don't allow cameras or any electronic devices inside. It really was a lot of waiting once we got there, and then when it was finally our turn at the window, it was quick and painless. We did take an oath together as a group that all of our documents and statements were true, yada yada yada. Our guide will go later today and pick up John's visa. Then we are clear to come home!

We had a nice dinner last night at an Italian restaurant. It wasn't as good as back home, but it was definitely comfort food. We're all for that. We're pretty tired of looking at food, trying to figure out what it is. ha ha

 Ready for the Consulate Appointment
Bath Time!!

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