Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guangzhou Day 5

This is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. We are so ready to come home! We miss the kids and are starting to miss our responsibilities just a little. :)

John started the day off by throwing a big fit. Billy took away a toothbrush holder that he was playing with and he would not get over it. He starts out with a fake cry and burying his head on the floor, and then it escalates into real tears and then screams. Nothing brings him down once he's all revved up. It was time to go down for breakfast, so I carried him through the hallway, down the elevator, across the lobby, and into the restaurant while he was screaming. It seemed like everyone was staring at us. I guess it seemed that way because they were! The nice hostess greeted us with "Outside?" We were flabbergasted that she could read our minds! lol So, we got to sit by the waterfall and the koi pond while eating breakfast. This is a rough life! Oh, and he did calm down once we were outside and saw the fish. After we finished eating I shredded his leftover waffle to feed them, and he loved that. After that was all gone, he walked over and got the rest of his bacon before I knew what he had and fed that to the fish too.

We went as a group on the bus to visit Shamian Island. This is the area where we stayed when we adopted Rebecca. It is a beautiful place, full of trees and European colonial architecture (because it used to be owned by the British). There are several small shops, but not as many as there once were when more adoptive families would stay here. The travel medical clinic used to be here, but since that has moved, not as many families stay here. Also the White Swan Hotel is now closed, awaiting renovation.

We visited Susan's Place, which is run by a gentleman from Rebecca's city, Wuchuan. He was so helpful to us when we adopted Rebecca. Wuchuan has a special dialect of Cantonese, and he could speak to Rebecca where she could understand. He remembered us and wants us to email him a new picture of Rebecca when we get home. We bought several gifts here for the kids and had tea with him.

We had lunch at an old favorite, Cow and Bridge, a Thai restaurant. I didn't think it was as good as I remembered. We decided against going out for dinner and opted for snack food out of ziploc bags. Yum. Billy just had to bring up that he wanted some popcorn. Oh, that sounds good!

Tomorrow morning we have our Consulate appointment! On Friday John's visa will be ready and then we fly for home Saturday morning!

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