Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guangzhou day 4

We stayed around the hotel today, doing a lot of nothing. We walked through the gardens and by the waterfalls and koi ponds, walked around the pool, played on the playground, and played in the playroom. We should have went swimming, but since John was up a lot later last night and didn't sleep as late as usual, we thought he'd take an early and long nap. Umm, no.

For dinner we did meet several people at a nearby Thai restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the entertainment was hilarious. The staff sang and danced to American pop music and even serenaded a few people. They really got into it! The funniest song was their rendition of "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. One of the guys would really swing his hips to that one. John seemed to enjoy the very loud music. One of the ladies even picked him up and danced with him a little.

John is preferring Billy to me now. He's always reaching for his Baba. I'm not completely rejected; I'll do if Billy is not around. :) It's O.K. because he's going to be with just me soon enough when Billy goes back to work.
 View from out hotel room.
 Dinner entertainment.

 Sharing Cheerios with the fish.
 Lots of koi!
Having fun sliding with his Baba.

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