Monday, May 7, 2012


We slept pretty well last night. I think we made it to 4:30 this time. I was afraid I wouldn't sleep at all so I ensured that with a little melatonin and a little Benadryl. We ate breakfast around 8 am in the hotel. I didn't think my stomach would handle fish and noodles for breakfast, so I stuck to mostly bread and jam. We left for the Adoption Registration Office at 9:20, arriving there shortly after 9:30.

The large room just kept getting noisier and noisier as anxious families arrived and then one by one the children started coming in. John arrived a little after 10:00 am. There were two ladies there with him from the orphanage. When I took him in my arms, he started crying and really didn't let up for a good hour. He loved the Dum-Dum pops I brought, and he would stop crying for a little while when he had one of those in his mouth. We had to take a family photo for the adoption paperwork, but each time we tried to get the lollipop out he would cry. Every time he saw the ladies from the orphanage, he would cry and reach for them. He held onto a little giraffe rattle toy that he came with, and he also liked the little toy cell phone I brought him. He also held onto a cup of Cheerios that I gave him. So, for a good while, he wouldn't let go of any of these things! It was so cute. He would let me feed him Cheerios or fruit gummies and would let me give him sips of water. I found that walking around helped him not be so upset and we even took a little walk outside. Next to the building there was a little pond with a waterfall and he seemed to like that. It got heavy carrying him! He is a chunk! He has definitely been well-fed.

After signing the adoption paperwork and putting our thumbprints to our signatures, we were ready to go around 11:30 am. When we got back to the hotel, Billy went to get some lunch to bring back to the room. While he was gone, I took him to the bathroom and he tinkled! I then put him on a Pull-up thinking that he might be potty-trained. I had taken his pants off because he had sweated so much and thought he would be much cooler in the room, but he wanted them and his shoe and socks back on. We played some in the hotel room, and he started to really warm up. He devoured 2 cups of congee, some spicy marinated vegetables, a half cup of Cheerios, and some crackers. He also had an entire yogurt drink. He was much happier after he got his tummy full. I got a few smiles, and then Billy had him laughing in no time. They were stacking cups and knocking them over.

Well, the Pull-up wasn't such a great idea because he leaked everywhere. So much for a potty-trained kid! We decided to give him a bath and he LOVED it! He had definitely had one before because he was splashing and playing and washing himself with a washcloth almost instantly. He kept taking his stacking cups and pouring the water out of the bathtub, and laugh and laugh. He is the cutest thing you have ever seen!

After getting on some clean clothes, I sat down with him and rocked and sang him to sleep. He sucks his thumb, and he is the most angelic little thing when he is sleeping. He woke up just a little when I lay him down in the crib, but soon he was fast asleep with his arms above his head.

God is good, all the time!

 The crib is waiting!
 Waiting for John to arrive.
 Tears all around.
 The orphanage gave us an album full of priceless photos!
 Signing official paperwork-yea!
 On the way back to the hotel.
 At least they gave me candy!
 Who are these people?
 Lollipops are a good thing!
Taking a stroll outside.

 A little eye contact with lunch!

 Feeding Mommy Cheerios!

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AWWWWE Love all the pic's!!
Can't wait to see you all!!

Lisa, Russ, & Ali