Sunday, May 13, 2012

Guangzhou Day 2--Happy Mother's Day!

Today our group went to a shopping mall and wholesale jewelry mall. It was hot and unairconditioned. We got some Chinese dresses and jade necklaces for the girls and a couple of Chinese outfits for John. We're still trying to scope out what to bring back for the boys. I don't think Chinese swords will make it through U.S. Customs. ;) We ate at Pizza Hut AGAIN at the mall. I think that makes a total of 5 times on this trip. We've sworn ourselves off of Pizza Hut.

John decided he didn't want to take a nap when we got back to the hotel, so he threw himself a little tantrum. He is stubborn! We finally just laid him down in the floor and let him scream, while we pretended to read or watch T.V. When he calmed down a little, I picked him up and held him. He started it up again so I laid him in the crib and sat on the bed. When he calmed down some I picked him up and rocked him to sleep. Attachment parenting is really hard. I mean, we all do some sort of attachment parenting with our biological kids, but with adopted children who have been institutionalized, it's a whole different set of rules. John had been cared for but he had not been parented. Big difference.

After nap we got him dressed in his red Chinese outfit and went downstairs for a group picture. We then walked with our group to a nearby Malaysian restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good. My drink was coconut milk out of a real coconut, so that was fun.

Tomorrow we go back to the medical clinic for John's TB test to be read, and then we go to the zoo.

 Dad & the Little Emperor
 The coconut
 My Mother's Day card.  Billy had all the kids to color and sign it before we left, and then he had John to color a section.  So sweet!
 Eating with the Rosboroughs at dinner
 The Lifeline group
Ready for my picture!

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