Friday, May 28, 2010

Rebecca's awards

One of Rebecca's big accomplishments this year is that she has learned to read! We're still working on proficiency and fluency but she is reading! She even benchmarked on first grade standards at the end of the school year. We are so proud of her and so thankful for her teachers at JNES.

Here she is receiving her bronze medal for reading achievement from Principal Aderholt.

At Rebecca's class awards day she received the "Hardest Worker" award.

After the program, we went back to Rebecca's classroom for refreshments and a touching slideshow. Here are Vivian and Ellen posing with one of Mrs. Richardson's frogs. Mrs. Richardson's classroom is all decked out in frog decor so all the girls wore frog dresses on this day!

Rebecca's first grade teacher, Mrs. Richardson

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Day

Field Day was May 14. This is such a big deal that they sell t-shirts for it! The morning activities consist of relays and tug-of-war within each grade, while the afternoon is one big carnival with lots of inflatables, water activities, sno-cones, funnel cakes, candy, and prizes.

Go, Henry!

Run, William!

Jump, William!

Pull, William!

Pull, Henry! (Henry's class won 2nd place in the kindergarten tug-of-war.)

Now on to the first graders!

Rebecca's class got 2nd place in the first grade tug-of-war.

After Rebecca's races. (Ellen has had enough.)

I ended up having to take William and Henry home shortly after the afternoon activities were underway. They both complained of not feeling well, but I think they were completely exhausted!
Here's Rebecca after a good soaking! That felt good!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Preschool field trip/end-of-school party

May 13 was Vivian's end-of-school party at Onyx gym. They ran, jumped, tumbled, slid, and bounced their hearts out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

And the next day was Mother's Day

Ahhh...end of the day, enjoying my chocolate truffles and a little Lifetime.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Birthday for a princess

May 6 was Vivian's 4th birthday! In one way it seems like it was just yesterday when we were picking up that sweet angel in the hospital, but in another way it seems like forever ago, since so many changes have happened to our family in the past 4 years!! All wonderful changes!
Vivian is definitely, without a doubt, my "easiest" child. She has always been very laid back and is compliant, most of the time. I hope I do not eat my words when we hit the pre-teen/teen years! She just has one of those smiles that melts your heart and can wrap just about anybody around her finger. She's shy around strangers but she is a performer! She LOVES to sing and dance. She makes up the craziest songs! She adores books and always has. She is terrified of any living creature except humans. And, she loves to go shopping. Any shopping will do, even grocery shopping.
I have wanted to do a princess party for a while! She loves all the Disney princesses and loves playing dress-up. As her birthday approached, she wanted to change her mind to a Hannah Montana party, and that didn't go over with me that well! LOL I convinced her that a princess party would be way better!

We had a little photo shoot for the invitation.

Birthday morning! She asked for a Hannah Montana costume. Isn't this hilarious?

Granddaddy Bill brought pizza and cupcakes for dinner...

...and a princess bicycle!

May 8 was the day of the party. Presenting Princess Vivian!

Princess Ellen

Snow White and her assistant give manicures

and makeovers

and new hairdos.

Making a picture frame with Snow White.

Snow White reading a story.

Make a wish!

Yummy! Cake & ice cream!

The princess looks pooped.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tee ball

We haven't been having a great season in tee ball--we've only won 2 games thusfar, but the boys are loving it. They really haven't minded losing since they get a free coke after each game no matter what. :) They have learned so much. William has been playing the pitcher's circle and first base. He has made several outs for the team. Henry has been playing outfield, but he's really quick and is doing well stopping those balls! Henry is such a fast runner too--he zips around those bases!
It has been very entertaining to watch all the kids. There have been pile-ups of 5 kids over one ball in the outfield, kids running all over the field with the ball instead of throwing it, and hilarious chases with the ball. Gonna miss tee ball next year!

William up to bat!

Henry on deck.

Henry off to first!

First Sunday

The first Sunday of every May, Billy's paternal grandmother's extended family meet for a reunion and cemetery decoration. We have lunch at Bruce's in Guntersville, go out to the family cemetery which is between Guntersville and Scottsboro, and then have dessert at an old log cabin at the old "home place." This year the event was on May 2. There were local folks, plus family from as far as Oklahoma and Louisiana. We then went to Scottsboro to place flowers on the Woodall family graves. We even went to Woodville to another cemetery to see even more Woodalls. Billy and his dad stopped at Billy's great-great aunt's old house, and the current owners invited them inside. It has been beautifully restored. We have several pieces of furniture and glassware from Aunt Fannie.

Lovin' the corn-on-the-cob


Brandon and Henry

Could she be any cuter??

Smile, William!

Rare family photo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

William loses his first tooth

William lost his first tooth on April 28. It had been loose for a while, so it was pretty much hanging out and came out on its own. His two permanent teeth on the bottom were already coming in behind. He lost his 2nd tooth on May 6, and he let me pull it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The zoo, again

April 28 was the first grade field trip to the zoo. Who knew I would get to go to the zoo again within a month's time? Yea, me! Really, we had a great time. I got to go with just one kid! Billy took the day off and he stayed home with Vivian and Ellen.

Rebecca, on a camel with her friends Whitney and Molly from ABS. Their kindergarten field trip was the same day!

Checking out the tiger.

Riding the carousel.

Petting a goat.

Rhino watching.

On the train...everyone's favorite!