Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Day

Field Day was May 14. This is such a big deal that they sell t-shirts for it! The morning activities consist of relays and tug-of-war within each grade, while the afternoon is one big carnival with lots of inflatables, water activities, sno-cones, funnel cakes, candy, and prizes.

Go, Henry!

Run, William!

Jump, William!

Pull, William!

Pull, Henry! (Henry's class won 2nd place in the kindergarten tug-of-war.)

Now on to the first graders!

Rebecca's class got 2nd place in the first grade tug-of-war.

After Rebecca's races. (Ellen has had enough.)

I ended up having to take William and Henry home shortly after the afternoon activities were underway. They both complained of not feeling well, but I think they were completely exhausted!
Here's Rebecca after a good soaking! That felt good!

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