Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Graduate

Tonight, Billy graduated from residency! He received his certificate of completion of his family medicine residency from UAB-Huntsville along with 14 of his colleagues. (Billy doesn't officially complete his requirements until July 23rd because of the time he took off to go to China last September.) There was a nice dinner with the residents' families and faculty at the Huntsville Marriott. Billy was honored to give the invocation. He did a great job. The kids were so proud of their daddy. We had to shush them a couple of times for clapping and yelling too loudly for him. (I think they even started a chant, "Daddy! Daddy!", when he received his certificate.) I am so proud of him too!! I know full well the hard work and dedication that it took to get this far! Congratulations, sweetheart!!

Take a look! You won't see him in a suit & tie too often!

And now, his graduation (and Father's Day) gift. What else would you give a man of his distinction?!

Glimpses of summer

I haven't been doing so well about taking photos lately. We recently celebrated my grandparents' 81st birthdays, and I have no pictures!! Happy Birthday, Mema & Granddaddy!
As for the kids, we've been staying close to home lately. Lots of backyard fun with the slip-n-slide and wading pool 'cause it's been just so darn hot!!

Rebecca absolutely loves the water! We knew this already because she is crazy wild in the bathtub too! When we were in China, we had to keep her from splashing complete strangers in the pool, including the lifeguards!

The sand and water table is always a hit, but, of course, tons of sand always ends up in the water section.

Don't let their cuteness fool you!!

William, our little super hero. This is his own outfit creation.

Keeping cool at Chuck E. Cheese

I think Henry used all of his tokens riding this monster truck! This kid is car and truck crazy!