Friday, March 12, 2010

Tee Ball

This will be the first year for the boys to play tee ball. They had their first practices last Friday and Saturday. They are really excited about it! Their team is the Blue Jays. It's so funny to watch all the little ones play. One of the first things they need to learn, of course, is the names of the bases and what order you are supposed to run them in. There were kids going all over the place! Hilarious! Billy has agreed to be one of the many assistant coaches.

That's Henry in the center of this photo.

William is here in the red shirt.

Here's one of their adoring fans! I can't believe she's now 15 months old!

Seussical the Musical

Rebecca's first grade play was on March 4th. She had her own line to say, and she said it loud and clear. I'm so proud of her!

Rebecca is front row, 2nd from right.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Basketball and dance stuff

February 22nd was William's last basketball game. He had such a good season, especially since neither his mom or dad are very "talented" in the sports department! Right after the game he got to enjoy a pizza party with his team.

Warming up before the final game.

Silly boys...

A trophy tops it all off! So proud of you, #11!

A few days later, it was time for dance pictures! Oh, my goodness, this was such an ordeal. The hairstyles were dictated, and Rebecca was supposed to wear a side ponytail with curls. Well, I finally got some sense, made a side bun and put a curly hairpiece over that! Also, her pictures were at 10:45 and Vivian's weren't until 3:45, but I wanted them to have their pictures made together, so both of them had to be ready for the morning shoot. Crazy to spend your whole day this way, but I'm crazy! Thank goodness for Aunt Beth and Nannie who helped me throughout the day!! Now how am I going to survive the actual recital?