Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing Hunter

Meet the newest addition to the Woodall family. Henry's name choice won out. Second place was "Fluffer," which was William's contribution. Hunter has a nice home in the garage! Rebecca likes to play with him, but Vivian, who hates pretty much any critter, keeps her distance. I think Ellen is the craziest over him. She loves to pick him up by the tail, his ear, whatever. Hunter doesn't seem to mind.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Officially OLD

My 20-year high school reunion was held on August 29th, the day before my 38th birthday. It was a fun night--lots of dancing and karaoke. It was great to see everyone again and how much or how little everyone has changed.

My best friend in high school, Kandye

Billy doing a little karaoke!


The boys turned 6 on August 19th. Vivian, Ellen, and I went to school and had lunch with them on their special day. We ate at the special "guest" table in the cafeteria, so that alleviated the problem of them being in separate classes! We took space cookies for William's class and monster truck cookies for Henry's class.
That Saturday was the big birthday bash! They both wanted to have their party at home. I had planned to do some cute games & activities, but the week was so full of errands and appointments, that I wimped out and rented a big inflatable slide! It was a hit though! There weren't any injuries, thank goodness!

Separate cakes again. William wanted a space theme, and Henry wanted monster trucks.

Diving into gifts!

Billy takes a turn on the slide!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First Soccer Practice

The boys had their very first soccer practice on Aug. 18th. This is their first organized sport, and I'm now a soccer mom! We're looking forward to their first game on Sept. 12th.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photos of Ellen from August

Tiny dancers

Rebecca and Vivian started dance classes last month and love it! Vivian can't wait from one week to the next, and can't stand it when it is Rebecca's day and not hers!

First Days

August 10th was a big day. Henry and William started kindergarten and Rebecca started first grade! They are all growing up so fast. My baby boys are in kindergarten; it was a tearful day for me. This is truly the beginning of the letting go...
They've been going for over 3 weeks now, and all are enjoying it and doing well. It's fun when they come home sharing their little triumphs, like being able to open their milk at lunch.

Before school...

William putting away his things

Ready to work!

Henry says hello to his teacher.

Finding a place for all his stuff.

Kindergarten is going to be fun!

Walking down the first grade hallway.

I know this routine!

Rebecca greeting her neighbor.

End of the day! Back to Mommy!

Back together again!

Vivian's first day at 3-year-old preschool--Sept. 13th
Ready to go!

Showing Ellen where she will play.

One last pose for Mommy! My big girl!