Monday, November 19, 2007

Fall Fun

Last weekend we had a wiener roast on the banks of Sugar Creek that runs through my grandfather's farm land. We also roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. The kids all enjoyed taking turns getting rides on the 4-wheelers. It was a little chilly, but the warmth from the fire felt great! We even got a bumpy hay ride to and from the site!

Here are Nannie and Mema keeping watch (or staying warm rather) by the roaring fire.

Busy Weekend

We were honored by a visit from the Kemps. Zoey (the cutie in the upper left) seemed to love all the craziness, although in this shot she looks like she is having second thoughts!

Here's a view of what Henry hauls around in his suitcase, all around the house!

Here are the boys getting a moment with the busy birthday girl, Jasmine!

The easy-going Vivian is staged once again for our amusement!

Here is Rebecca at Jasmine's birthday party. The party was at a skating rink, but the play area is where Rebecca spent most of her time. You should have been there to see Rebecca try her hand at skating! Oh, I wish we had got a picture of it! She was jello on skates!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


We went last weekend to have a family portrait done as well as Vivian's 18-month and Rebecca's first portraits. Here is a sampling:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting better...

Everything is really getting better. I think it is partly because Billy doesn't have any call right now and is off on weekends until some time in December! The children are all getting along much better, although I still have to break up a fight or two (or three) every day. Rebecca's English continues to improve. She has started speaking a few sentences this week. We've been to the ENT doc and we're still trying to clear up an ear infection that has been ongoing since we got her. We are hopeful that her hearing will not be permanently affected. Please pray with us for that. Rebecca also has had to have glasses. (See her beautiful photo below!) Henry seems to be making himself at home (finally)! He has had such a hard time with all of the changes over the past few months. He often says he wants to go back to our old house, our old church, and his old school. He had regressed some in his behavior, but I think now what we are seeing is just good 'ol Henry. For those of you that know Henry well, you know that it is still not easy!

I am just in awe when I look at my four beautiful children and know that God has entrusted us with each one...

Vivian and Rebecca at Dr. Bob's office

William hiding a smile

Uh-oh, I see trouble in about 14 1/2 years...

Henry has been lugging his treasures around the house in a pilot case all week long.

Rebecca's new eyes...