Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Days

August 10th was a big day. Henry and William started kindergarten and Rebecca started first grade! They are all growing up so fast. My baby boys are in kindergarten; it was a tearful day for me. This is truly the beginning of the letting go...
They've been going for over 3 weeks now, and all are enjoying it and doing well. It's fun when they come home sharing their little triumphs, like being able to open their milk at lunch.

Before school...

William putting away his things

Ready to work!

Henry says hello to his teacher.

Finding a place for all his stuff.

Kindergarten is going to be fun!

Walking down the first grade hallway.

I know this routine!

Rebecca greeting her neighbor.

End of the day! Back to Mommy!

Back together again!

Vivian's first day at 3-year-old preschool--Sept. 13th
Ready to go!

Showing Ellen where she will play.

One last pose for Mommy! My big girl!

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