Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our vacation

I am so behind on bloggin'! This trip was about a month ago. We took all the kids and Nannie & PawPaw to the beach. Well, that's partly true. Nannie & PawPaw had to drive themselves but I guess we could have rented a bus!
We wanted this year's vacation to be a beach vacation because our oldest and our youngest daughters have never seen the ocean. Rebecca lived maybe 10 miles from the South China Sea but she never saw it. (Her orphanage was alongside a river and she probably didn't know that either.)
It was an exhausting trip, but the kids had a great time. The kids loved the pool more than the ocean. You really couldn't get in the water too much anyway because there were several jellyfish. The best thing about the trip was that nobody had a stomach virus this time! Hallelujah! Ellen didn't sleep very well though.

All the big kids were swimming!

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