Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random pictures

Zoey, one of my best friends's daughter, and Rebecca, at our adoption agency's China reunion

Billy climbing in the 2nd story window after we locked ourselves out of the house. This is the same roof that I fell from when I was pregnant with Ellen (same window I crawled out of too!) Note the "Superdad" shirt!

The girls showing off some dance moves at a family cookout at the park.

The baby class at VBS...there were 16 or 17 babies in here!

Nudie picture of Ellen. She loves splashing in the big bathtub!

Granddaddy Bill (Billy's dad) and the kids. He brings us the best pizza for dinner!

Our day trip to Mt. Zion. The water in the pool was straight out of the creek, and Ellen did not flinch at the COLD water! When Henry got in the creek, he said the water was as cold as all the popsicles in the world!

Vivian helps fill Ellen's pool.

How refreshing! Rebecca's teeth chattered the whole time, even after she got out of the water and dried off.

Lunch. The three "extras" are my step-sisters' children, Fiona, Phin, and Scarlett. We all came with Nannie and PawPaw.

William enjoying a swim.

Henry wading.

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