Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th holiday

We received some lovely gifts from a friend in the Netherlands.

A night at the Kiddie Carnival. What a great way to spend an evening with small children! And where else can you get 50-cent snow cones?

Independence Day was celebrated in high style! We had a big picnic with extended family and topped the day off with the town fireworks display. Billy had to miss out on the picnic due to work but he was able to meet us for dinner. He and Granddaddy Bill took the kids to see the fireworks. Ellen was too worn out for the night life!

Here is Uncle Rusty in the creek with Rebecca, Anna, Henry, William, and Walker.

I think she's recovered from her surgery, don't you think?!

Uncle Dwight gives the last ride of the day.

I need to get a photo of Rebecca on her bicycle! She is riding perfectly without training wheels. Nannie taught her how, using some "purple hair" as an incentive!

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