Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick zoo trip and the last post for March!

March 31st was the last day on our family membership for Birmingham Zoo, and since it was going to be a lovely day, we went down for a few hours. Vivian likes animals from afar, so without the petting zoo and the lorakeet exhibit slowing us down, I knew we'd have time to get through it all. I admit that I snickered at the thought of her FREAKING out if I took her in there with those lorakeets, but I'm not that mean. We even had time to ride the carousel and the train. Also no worries about her wanting to ride a camel. Oh, and we skipped the reptile house. No reason to give the kid nightmares. Ellen, on the other hand, LOVES animals, and I would have loved for her to have a few up-close encounters. Oh, well, my uncle Dwight raises goats; she can just pet those.

Aren't the girls' matching dresses the cutest? Vivian is crazy about the Princess and the Frog, and she loves for her and Ellen to match, so my mom made them both one.

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