Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Break in Orlando

Back in March the family drove down for a few nights in Orlando. We decided to go because we had this great offer to stay in this great place, and all we had to do was listen to a sales talk and take a tour. We went into this thing saying that under no circumstances are we buying a time-share, but guess what...we bought a time-share. We're suckers. But, really, it only made sense because our biggest challenge in vacationing is finding a place big enough for all of us!!
Ellen stayed with grandparents, and although we missed her, it was a good thing because the kids hardly slept. We were close to midnight getting in the bed each night and then up before 7 am each day. We had a really good time, but I did feel like we rushed to get the things in that we did. We're hoping to take a "relaxing" beach vacation this summer.
We stopped and had lunch with some friends. He is a police officer and the kids loved playing in the car. Check out Billy in the back seat!

Here we are ready to go after a night's sleep in Albany, GA.

After driving all day and finally making it to Orlando, we went to Downtown Disney. Here we are outside the Lego store.

Rebecca and Vivian join in a dance lesson to Hannah Montana's "Hoedown Throwdown."

Trying to steal a kiss from William.

The carousel in Downtown Disney. Giddy-up!

The next day we went to Sea World. Here we are on the Atlantis ride.

Going to check out the seals and sea lions.

The Shamu show!

The next day...Magic Kingdom! Here are the boys equipped with their maps. They always had to have a map wherever we went. They're pretty good at it too.

Rebecca just hanging around.

Billy on the Jungle Cruise.

The obligatory castle pics.

And what trip to Disney would be complete without some character encounters? While the guys were off riding race cars, the girls and I went to get our princess fix.

Vivian and I were ditched for a roller coaster, so she got to meet Ariel.

and ride the carousel.

We met back up for some shopping. Vivian picked out a Belle dress.

After the Buzz Lightyear ride.

The best seat in the house for the parade. (Notice Vivian is now wearing the Belle dress, because when an exhausted 3-year-old REALLY gets tired, there are, well, accidents. And after TWO accidents, this was all she had to wear.)

Day 2 of Sea get to play.

Family pic before leaving it all behind!

I didn't have the camera with me, because I didn't realize that "Wild Arctic" wasn't just a ride. Billy and Vivian stayed in the play area while me and the other 3 went through the exhibit. We got really up close with some Beluga whales and walruses. Beautiful creatures. But when I say up close, I mean CLOSE. The walruses were mating and it was happening right up at the glass. I never did explain that one to the kids.

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Love the last paragraph. You'll have to ask Michael about his 1st experience with our dogs. Too funny. Glad you had a good time.
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