Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another egg hunt and tee ball opening day

On Saturday, April 3, after a rainy morning which totally messed up the baseball opening ceremonies, we went to Mom's for the annual egg hunt. It's always something to have all the kids together--there's so many of them!

Here they are, all eleven of them, age 8 and under.

Since I never feel like Ellen gets her share of pictures, here's another of her.

Rebecca had to make sure that there was a prize in each egg. If it was empty, she would just put it back. :)

After a big lunch and big egg hunt, we came back to our house for a shrimp boil with my dad, step-mom, and Billy's dad. Rusty cooked some mean shrimp!
We then got ready for the boys' first tee ball game of the season. Here are Henry, Walker, and William. Go, Blue Jays!

Ellen entertains herself with PawPaw's glasses during the game.

At least we won the first one! Wins will prove to be a bit elusive for the Blue Jays...

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