Friday, May 21, 2010

Tee ball

We haven't been having a great season in tee ball--we've only won 2 games thusfar, but the boys are loving it. They really haven't minded losing since they get a free coke after each game no matter what. :) They have learned so much. William has been playing the pitcher's circle and first base. He has made several outs for the team. Henry has been playing outfield, but he's really quick and is doing well stopping those balls! Henry is such a fast runner too--he zips around those bases!
It has been very entertaining to watch all the kids. There have been pile-ups of 5 kids over one ball in the outfield, kids running all over the field with the ball instead of throwing it, and hilarious chases with the ball. Gonna miss tee ball next year!

William up to bat!

Henry on deck.

Henry off to first!

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