Monday, May 14, 2012

Guangzhou Day 3

Today's business was getting John's TB test read.  We loaded the bus and went back to the medical clinic for a quick skin check.  We all then went to the zoo.  It was HOT today.  Yesterday it rained some, so it was muggy, but nothing compared to today.  I had forgotten how miserable the weather is here.  It was like Mobile in July!  The zoo was nice, but the heat & humidity kept us from really enjoying it.  John loved seeing all the animals.  We saw pandas along with all the other animals you would expect to see at the zoo. They had a children's play area which we did NOT go in.  There were some little wading pools in that area where children were playing NAKED.  I think I counted 5 completely nude little boys splashing around there.

We don't see as many bare kid bottoms in split pants here as we did in the other cities.  This city seems more westernized in many ways, maybe because it's so close to Hong Kong.  There are also many international travelers and business people here.  But we did see a gentleman relieve himself in front of our 5-star hotel tonight.

John and I took a nap when we got back to the hotel after the zoo.  I'm getting used to the afternoon nap!  One kid, no housework=piece of cake!  LOL  After that afternoon of leisure, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was so good, but expensive!  It was more expensive than a Mexican meal back at home.  Billy had to go back to the hotel for more money while we were waiting on the food!  hahaha  I think it came to $40 for the three of us.  A splurge for sure.  It was worth it though.  It was the best comfort food we've had so far. :)

After dinner, we walked to the local Trust Mart, which is the Wal-Mart equivalent.  We were almost out of diapers and we opted for the Chinese brand as the were half the price of Pampers or Huggies.  We'll see how they compare.  :)

That's about it, other than I've washed a couple of "loads" of laundry in the bathtub tonight.  I washed some in Zhengzhou too, but I had a clothesline in the bathroom there.  This place is too fancy for an in-room clothesline, I guess.  The housekeeping staff will enjoy my creative ways of hanging tomorrow.  We also sent out some laundry to be done in Zhengzhou.  I think that total was around $30, so I'm just trying to get by until we get back home. :)

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