Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zhengzhou Day 1

The flight from Beijing to Zhengzhou was less than an hour and a half. We could see the Great Wall from the plane and it was amazing how it meandered across the rocky peaks of the mountains.

The smog in Zhengzhou is much worse than in Beijing. We actually had very good visibility in Beijing, which is not usually the case. The hotel is fancy but HOT and there is no Wi-fi in the room so we're having to camp out in the lobby or the business center to use the internet. That's not going to be fun when we want to Skype with the family. Oh well.

We ventured out with the other family in our group and ate at Pizza Hut. We're so adventurous. We then went to Wal-Mart, which occupies 2 floors of a shopping mall. It was an experience. If you need any whole small dried pigs, I know where you can find that.

Tomorrow morning we leave at 9:20 am to get John!! Will update as quickly as I can! We're so anxious! Can't wait!

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