Friday, March 14, 2008

Week in review

We spent Sunday afternoon with Billy's grandmother, who turned 85 on Tuesday.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Playing on the hill at Grandma's

Lovin' my ice cream sandwich, Grandma!

Wednesday, I took Rebecca to her appointment at the UAB International Adoption Clinic in Birmingham. She is doing great on her attachment and she has made huge strides in her developmental milestones in the six short months she has been with us!

Thursday was the day for the preschool Easter egg hunt and party. The kids made a cross Easter craft and decorated cupcakes. Vivian really enjoyed it, as she thinks of herself as a "big kid" anyway.

I love this picture of Rebecca with "the look" and her hand on her hip. This is her signature "look" when she feels the world is no longer revolving around her! She gets to use it a lot!

Vivian is happy with her one egg.

Henry is very serious about the cupcake decorating.

Today, I took Rebecca for her follow-up appointment with the cardiologist. Everything looked great, and we will see him back in 3 months.

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