Saturday, March 29, 2008

Near mastery of the English language

Rebecca was disagreeing with me today about where she had left something (her cup, which was in the living room, where it's not supposed to be). I told her where it was and she just kept arguing. So I calmly pointed it out to her and she went over to it and said in a perfect little sing-song voice, "What-ev-er!" I couldn't help but laugh out loud at her!

Where does sarcasm fall in the developmental milestones?! :)


The Smith's said...

It is amazing how far Rebecca has come in such a short time. I can imagine the laugh that you had. I know that as soon as Noah talks that we will be in for some of the same laughter in our house.

Russ & Lisa W. said...

haha How Funny!!! Has she been hanging around me and me not know it??!!?? lol That is my OVER USED word!


jbullington said...

To cute. It is amazing how fast they learn the American language...

Green, Party of Four said...

Oh my goodness......that is so funny. These kids pick up so much and so fast. Lily's word is "EXCUSE ME".....which she got from Mommy!

Love you guys

The Ferrill's said...

How funny! Quan says "Oh my word!" It is hysterical! That is too cute, Emily!

The Princess's Mommy said...

She is just too cute! Lily Mei's new phrase is now "oh my"! Rebecca has done so well in such a short time! You are awesome!

Doug & Melody Kemp said...

This is too funny!
Ms. Rebecca is becoming Americanized fast.

She is adorable!!!