Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Healing heart

Bed rest

See my IV?

Waiting to go home

Praise God! Rebecca's heart procedure was a success! She did great, and is as active as ever. We went into the hospital around 6:30 am on Monday, and she didn't have the procedure until around 11:00 am. The whole thing took about 3 hours, and then Billy and I were able to go and be with her in recovery. She was not happy when she woke up--not happy about the IV or about her pressure dressing at all. We tried to entertain her and cheer her up, but she was just mad. This continued after we got back to her room until finally around 5:00 she got something to eat (and that was us sharing our dinner with her. The cafeteria was really slow getting her some food!) She was a completely different child after that! This girl loves to eat, and nobody had let her eat all day! I guess I would be mad too!
She had to lie flat for 6 hours after the procedure. She did pretty well with that. The bedpan was not fun, especially after the full can of Sprite she chugged down reached her bladder. She was so happy to get up out of bed after the required bedrest, she thought she would be going home then. I was trying to get her to change into a nightgown that I brought her from home, but she wanted her clothes!
She slept very well and would go right back to sleep after the nurses woke her up for vitals, etc. The doctor came in around 8:30 am and did her echocardiogram. Everything looked great, so we were clear to head home!
There was one thing that the cardiologist told us about her heart that I just found amazing. He said that the flow across her atrial septal defect was more than her cardiac output. So, her little heart was having to work very hard. (With every beat of her heart, there was more blood going backward than going forward.) It's astonishing that kids with these defects don't have any symptoms!
Thank you all for your prayers and support! We could not be more relieved that this is over! Rebecca will only be limited in very physical activity (athletic-type activities) for one month. She will take a baby aspirin for 6 months, and take antibiotics before dental procedures for one year. That is it (except for a few follow-up doctor's appointments)!


jbullington said...

We are so glad that Rebecca has her surgery behind her and so thankful to God that things have worked out for her. She is so blessed to have a family like ya'll. And we are so blessed to have her amoung us. When I look at her and Emma my heart swells with love and I am so thankful they are with us. God bless all of you and Rebecca.

Bobby & Joan

Rebekah D. said...

I know you are all relieved to have that behind you and thrilled it went so smoothly. That was the answer to a lot of prayers. Take good care of that sweet girl - and yourselves, too - and know that we're thinking of you.

Yvette said...

Sounds like she is one strong little lady! Our Min Xiu has a III* heart murmur, so we'll need to decide when we bring her home if she will need surgery or not.

Your family is charming!! I just read through your posts and enjoyed every one.


Deanna said...

Glad that is over and her little heart is healed. :) Hope to see you guys over spring break...that is if you are up for 4 more kids running around your house!


lvining said...

I am so happy that Rebecca is doing so well! I know you all are relieved! She is so sweet and we just love your whole family. By the way...how do you get your music to start by itself on your page. I found the music, but you have to click on it first. I better go to bed. Hope all is well!

lvining said...

Hey...well haven't gone to bed yet because I decided I would play with it and see if I could figure it out...and I did...I even had to call Chad in here to see...I was so proud!

K & J in Minnesota said...

Your passion for your newest daughter to know and love Christ is absolutely beautiful. This is the most wonderful gift a Mama can offer her daughter. Thanks for sharing your story. Please pray for us as we plan to soon bring home our 6.5 year old. She, too, will need surgery. We pray that the this experience will draw us closer to one another and to Christ, our Healer!


- Karin

Russ & Lisa W. said...

Hi Emily,

We hopr things are still going well with Rebecca's healing. We can't wait to see you all on Saturday!

Love Ya, Lisa