Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt - Round One

Saturday was the annual Easter "eggstravaganza" at Nannie & PawPaw's house. There were tons of eggs (and kids)! We did the big egg hunt, Nannie & PawPaw gave Easter gifts to all the children, and then we went inside for a party for Fiona's 4th birthday. She got several dress-up clothes. All the girls were clomping in high heel shoes the rest of the day. Two-year-old Scarlett picked up one of the boys' toy razors (from a play shaving kit) and knew exactly what to do with it. She pulled up her pants leg and proceeded to shave her leg! It was hilarious!
Next we ate hot dogs and hamburgers and cake and ice cream. The children played and played all afternoon and had a ball!

Nannie's famous bunny cake

Ethan, Fiona, William, Anna, & Rebecca

Vivian & Scarlett

Hey, there's an egg in the apple tree!

Rebecca's becoming an "eggspert" egg hunter!

There is candy in this one, right?

Notice Walker in the background on the Barbie jeep. Not a fan of the egg hunting.

Got one!

The hungry egg hunters

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Green, Party of Four said...

Wow....sounds like your weekend was like ours! Lily will be eating eggs for weeks (of course Mom and Daddy will be sneaking the candy out of it). I love the bunny cake..way too cute.

The kids love precious in their Easter best. I love seeing all the children dressed up on Easter morning. I hope your evening continues to be blessed.

What an awesome God we serve!

Green Party of Four