Saturday, March 8, 2008

March SNOW!

It wasn't as much as predicted, but it was pretty. We had only a 1/2" on our deck and a heavy dusting on the ground. We were planning to go to our FCC Easter egg party & hunt today, but it was postponed until next week due to the weather. (Before anyone makes fun of us Southerners for that, our snows are usually mixed in with sleet and freezing rain, so roads can be very hazardous. We hardly ever have just powder!)

Here are the kids out this morning playing in the snow. The snow was pretty much melted by 11:00 am. Then, poor Rebecca came down with a nasty stomach virus. She has been vomiting and is so nauseated. (So, really, the postponement of the Easter egg hunt was a blessing!) Hope nobody else gets it!!

A mini version of Frosty


Doug & Melody Kemp said...

Great Snowman! Poor Rebecca,
She will remain in our prayers. Ya'll were brave to go out in the Cold Weather! It was freezing here.
The kids are so cute! They are really growing so fast.

Love to all!
Melody & Zoey

The Princess's Mommy said...

Cute, cute, cute! I LOVE the snowman!! Lily Mei hated the snow, so we didn't even try to make one!!

David & Becky said...

Looks like they had fun! Noah made a similar version of Frosty that's now living in a bowl in our freezer! Glad they all got to see some snow this year! Becky

Green, Party of Four said...

I love their Frosty! I just stayed in my Pj's all day. I was so disappointed that we didnt get our snow. I hope Ms. Rebecca feels better soon and we look foward to seeing all of you on Saturday.

Green Party of Four

Deanna said...

I just posted our snow adventure this morning. We had a mini snowman too! :) The kids had a blast but we didn't stay out long as it was soooo cold...but not too much that a mug of hot chocolate didn't cure. Looks like you guys had fun and hope Rebecca is on the mends today!


Rebekah D. said...

I'm sorry Rebecca is sick, and I hope she feels better now. The kids all look so cute bundled up for snow play, and I love the mini Frosty!