Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow surprised

On Monday as the big kids were getting to school, it started snowing rather unexpectedly. We had the most beautiful snow showers with huge, fluffy flakes that left about an inch and a half of snow on the ground in about 2 hours. This is the most snow the children have ever seen! We bundled up and headed out! Ellen was pretty tired by this time, so she wanted to get down in it and crawl. Vivian loved the crunch beneath her boots and scooping up big handfuls of snow. We made a quick snowman before heading inside to get Ellen a nap. I'm glad we got out because it started quickly disappearing by lunchtime. By the time the kids were out of school, it was gone. I wish the kids had been home to enjoy it, but they did get to get outside in it a little at school.

Get me out of here.

What is this strange substance?

Maybe it's O.K. to walk in...

The Snow Queen

Vivian and her snowman, Colosso


Chad and Kristy said...

Hey no fair! We only live 40 minutes away and we got nothing but bitter winds:(

momx2 said...

These are so good!