Monday, February 22, 2010

Children are just little people

I am "fortunate" to be one of those moms who has never, not once, had the crazy notion that I had it all figured out. From the get-go, I was blessed two-fold with rambunctious BOYS in one package! You might know of someone who has one child, and that one child is just one of those easy-going kids. My advice to people like that: Have a 2nd child or a 3rd. You will get off your high horse very quickly!
Oh, don't get me kids are great. I love them ALL dearly; they are just each challenging in their own little ways. Sometimes it's quite entertaining and satisfying to figure out each one, unraveling them like a puzzle. But, most of the time, it's EXHAUSTING.

Case in point: Vivian. Had she been an only child, I would think that I was the world's greatest parent, EVER.

And, then, there's Ellen. She's a sweetheart, but very moody and temperamental. Wonder where she got that from??

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Deanna said...

Just beautiful pics of the girls...did you take them? :)