Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My computer was down for over 2 weeks after becoming infected with a virus. Luckily, all my pictures were saved. We do have most of them backed up, but there are a few recent ones that I have not saved to hard copy. I have figured out that being a computer geek really pays; those jokers charge $65/hour for labor!

William's basketball season tipped off on January 11th. He really loves playing and he is improving with each game.

Posing with the star before the big game.

Cheering on the team?

In action!

Enjoying the game with MawMaw.

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Chad and Kristy said...

My computer got a virus too.. I did not come out so luckily. Lost everything and then the hard drive died! I have a mac on the way. In the meantime I am on Chad's 100 year old labtop. I can cook supper, eat, and clean the kitchen while I am waiting for my email to pull up!!

Colin started Upwards basketball this week.. yes we missed the first 3 weeks but all that matters is we are HERE now;)