Thursday, February 4, 2010

And she's off!!

Ellen began walking on January 18th. I guess she just decided that she wanted to, so she started doing it. Now she pretty much walks everywhere.

I remember reading somewhere that personality is established by the age of 6. Oh, I beg to differ. Ellen is such a feisty little thing. She tries to hang in there with the big kids, and she is quick to let her feelings known if someone crosses her or takes a toy from her. She screams really loud! She loves to be in the middle of everything. Her laugh is contagious, as is the laugh of every baby. Can't get much sweeter than that. She is loving as well; she loves to hug and kiss. And she loves her mommy! If she's tired, she wants no one else! And, is she ever into everything! This girl can pull out things from drawers and cabinets and then put them somewhere else. The other kids have learned to store their precious things out of reach! Whenever something is dropped, her phrase is "Uh-oh, Mom-ma!"
Vivian still loves to sing "Jingle Bells" and Ellen chimes in with the "hey!", although she gets a little ahead of herself. Likewise, whenever a prayer is being said, she starts shouting, "Amen!" several times before it is finished.
Oh, and no more bottles!!
Thank you, God, for this sweet angel!


Wij said...

Emily, Ellen looks lovely. How nice you put some pictures again on your blog. Xiaoyou and I follow your life from here in the Netherlands. We'll try to write to you soon. Greetings from Xiaoyou to Rebecca! Bye, Inge

Anonymous said...

How precious all of your children are!
I am so thankful I have benn able to watch each of them grow up!

Love ya'll