Sunday, January 3, 2010

William's glasses

Even though you might have noticed in the holiday photos, I forgot to mention that William now wears glasses. A couple of months ago, there was an eye screening at school, and William brought home a form stating that he had significant hyperopia. We were very surprised as we had no idea that he had any problem at all; he certainly had no signs or symptoms that we were aware of. So, I made him an appointment with an optometrist and soon discovered that his eyesight was pretty bad. The doctor does not think that he will "outgrow" his condition due to the severity, and said that he also had some amblyopia and was glad that we were able to determine that there was a problem and get him in before it got worse. William does great with his new glasses; he is very conscientious about wearing them. I guess that goes along with his OCD personality. He was a little self-conscious at first; it took a while for him to let me take his picture. I think he looks very handsome, don't you?

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