Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now that's what I call Christmas!

The family get-togethers began on the 22nd at our house...the Brand Christmas.

Posing all the kids before the gift-opening begins.

Rebecca got an easel. She loves it!

Anna and Vivian tearing into their gifts.

Ellen loves her new pet playset.

A Wii game?!

A basketball for William

MawMaw and Granddaddy start opening their gifts.

Not sure what this is all about.

In their matching ballerina gowns

Christmas Eve--The Woodall Christmas

Vivian and Rebecca both love these gifts from Granddaddy Bill.

Checking out the stockings...Rebecca and the recorder! Ellen shows her new sippy cup.

Home again and getting ready for Santa. Daddy reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning: The first 3 were up at 5:45 to see what Santa brought!

Our stockings!

Ya think Henry might be a little excited?

Opening gifts


Rebecca arrives downstairs fully dressed. She spots her pink MP3 player and her Hello Kitty camera and she is a happy girl!

Candy--my next favorite thing!

Off to Mema & Granddaddy's for a late breakfast.

Anna and Rebecca in their matching T-shirts that Beth decorated!

PawPaw and Ellen

Mema and Vivian

William, Walker, and Henry


Now to Nannie & PawPaw's for a late lunch/early dinner

Nannie and PawPaw pose with their 11 grandchildren, ages 8 and under

Henry's excited again.

Anna and Vivian

I just can't believe I got an Elmo car!

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