Friday, January 1, 2010

Ellen is now ONE

My sweet baby girl turned one on December 8th. Where has the time gone? She has grown from that little infant that just went everywhere I went over the past year into this little girl who has fought to make her presence known! She really loves to be out and about. She will not nap unless she is convinced that she won't miss anything! She is not walking yet. She can "lightning" crawl because the second she hears me open the dishwasher, she is there in a heartbeat. She loves to see what awaits her in there! She stands alone and cruises. She waves and blows kisses, and can say several words, like Mama, bye-bye, night-night, Daddy, more, Elmo. Billy even got her to say "Roll Tide" tonight! :) Her favorite food is banana. She adores her brothers and sisters. She has eight teeth now and her hair is getting very curly in the back.
We celebrated her birthday at home with family. She had a great time at her party, eating two whole cupcakes and showing everyone her "tricks."

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Deanna said...

Wow! Happy Birthday little Ellen! Soon you'll be planning a 3 year old party for your littlest like me! eek! Where did my baby go?!?!