Saturday, January 24, 2009

The new normal

I hope next week runs a little more smoothly than this week has! Whew, I'm so glad it's over! Sunday proved to be an emotional day for me--I was 6 weeks postpartum--you figure it out! Monday was a holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Forget about reflecting on history and the meaning of such a special day when you have five kids to care for and there's no school! Tuesday was another day that will go down in our nation's history, the inauguration of America's first African American president. But did I get to watch any of the news coverage? Of course not! Imagination Movers and Caillou demanded our full attention. Plus, William came down with an ear infection and felt lousy.
Wednesday was loaded with fun. William was still sick so he couldn't go to preschool that day. He had to stay with PawPaw and I felt so guilty that I couldn't stay home and take care of my boy. After dropping Henry and Vivian off at preschool, Ellen and I went to pick up Rebecca at school to take her to therapy in Huntsville. After therapy, we ate McDonald's from the drive-thru, and I went and checked her back in school. Ellen and I then ran through the grocery store and grabbed a few things, finishing just in time to pick up Henry and Vivian. We stopped by home so I could put some items in the fridge, and then went out to pick up William. We made it back in time to pick up Rebecca again from school. I think I even managed to make spaghetti for dinner! (Can you say "Super-Mom?" HA)
Even though we didn't get out that much on Thursday, the time at home was rough. We ALL were having a bad day! I decided to make lunch "easy," so I popped some chicken nuggets in the oven. Well, guess, what! My oven burned out! (Forget the fact that it is 30+ years old.) An added bonus was that Ellen had a blow-out in the car seat after we got home from picking Rebecca up at school. Taking the cover off of a car seat to wash it always makes for a good time.
Friday finally came! Not that bad of a day, but I was exhausted!
And dear mother came and got the kids so Billy and I could go and ponder what to do about the oven. We ended up being more confused than we started so we bought a toilet instead! (We have three that need replacing.) Billy thought that he could install it, but it ended up taking 7 hours and 4 trips to Lowe's. But the best part is the unexpected "shower" he received when he overtightened the shut-off valve and about flooded the entire 2nd story! I had to run outside to turn off the main water valve while he tried to hold back the flood with his thumb. At least he was laughing when he came downstairs soaked head to toe! All I could think about was all the laundry he was creating. I had just finished folding and putting away five loads.

Sorry there are no pictures! Who has time to take pictures???


Rebekah D. said...

Bless your heart! You and I were doing the same things this week - fixing a burned-out oven and washing up car seats covered in bodily fluids! Eeewwww! FYI, A-1 Appliances on Jefferson St. has oven elements. Ours cost $47 and Nathan installed it himself, no problem. I just now told him about your predicament, and he said he'd be glad to come over there and install one for you if you want. Sure is cheaper than buying a new oven! Although, if you really WANT a new oven, you can just pretend you never got this little tip! :-)

Green, Party of Five said...

Emily that sounds like our last week. Our pipes froze in the basement and flooded the basement floor and then the heating elements went out in the hot water hearter. Of course, I called my Dad (because Jerry is the engineer and not a plumber)..haha
But you are a wonderful Mom and I dont know how you do it. I only have two toddlers, but I will tell you these girls are into everything.
Look foward to seeing all of you on Friday night.


Russ and Lisa W. said...

oh Emily...I am NOT laughing AT YOU! I am laughing WITH YOU! haha I know your stories are TRUE life, but sometimes I think I am ready a humor book! I know what we need to do....WHO CARES about Jon & Kate +8 we need to have the Woodall Chronicles on Lifetime!lol I know you have your hands full. If I could afford to stay home and not work, I would be there for ya girlfriend!!

Ronna said...

I REALLY wish you would call me when you need a hand! I could atleast come fold and put up laundry like the lady from Jon&Kate+8! Seriously, call me.

The Gentry's said...

You are a busy woman! Go you do a great job! If you need anything let me know...

Deanna said...

Big hugs! And I thought I was super stressed these days...I feel better now! ;) I wish I was closer to help you out some! Glad you have family though!

Doug and Melody Kemp said...

I officially give you the Super Mom award!!
You are amazing, I don't think I would have walking around sense after your day. :)

Love, Melody