Friday, January 30, 2009

Another busy week

We've had OT/ST, an ENT appointment, a trip to the optician, a school play, and a field trip, along with the day-to-day stuff (which is enough to overwhelm me anyway). In the national news this week, a lady in California gave birth to (relatively) healthy octuplets. If that's not enough, I learned today that she also has 6 children age 7 and under! Can you imagine????

The entire kindergarten at Rebecca's school put on the cutest program yesterday, entitled "Let It Snow." We couldn't get a good photo of the stage from where we were sitting with our mediocre camera, but here are a couple taken after the big show.

This is Rebecca's kindergarten class. There are 3 other classes, so there were roughly 75 kindergarteners on stage singing. They all did so well!

And, speaking of the white stuff, SNOW is finally in the forecast for next week! Wouldn't it be great for the children to see their first big snowfall?

Today, the boys' preschool class took a field trip to Jump Zone. They had been so excited all week; Henry even started squealing in delight as we were driving up to the building this morning.

Of course, Miss Vivian joined us.

William and his friend, Van.

One of Henry's last slides of the day.

Ellen had a blast as well.

And, tonight...our Chinese New Year party!

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Doug and Melody Kemp said...

Hearing about your day makes me tired. :)

I don't know how you do all of this and still have hair.

I think Rebecca was one of the few children that is smilling. lol
She is having a great time.