Saturday, December 6, 2008

The marathon continued...

Although I have no pictures to post (I seem to be getting progressively worse about having my camera ready), I want to share that I have had 2 wonderful baby showers! How did I manage this with the fifth child?? I am so appreciative, and I got a lot of the main items that Ellen will need: DIAPERS!! Ellen also got a pink bouncy seat, a hot pink Boppy, and some beautiful new clothes, and some gorgeous handmade items, like diaper bags, crocheted blankets, and bibs/burp cloths. I'm sure I am leaving something out! My first shower was given by the wonderful ladies at church, my dear sisters in Christ. The other one was by an amazing group of ladies as well, my FCC family. No matter how we have added to our family, this group of adoptive families have been so supportive to us. Thank you all! I am trying to finish up thank-you notes this weekend. I have already written 40+, and have 15 or so more to go! We are so blessed!

The boys' preschool hosted a Thanksgiving lunch the week before Thanksgiving that Billy, Vivian, and I were able to attend and enjoy. The boys were dressed as Indians (or Native Americans, to be PC), and sang a couple of songs. The meal was your "traditional" meal of chicken fingers, corn, mashed potatoes, and cookies. Isn't that what was served at the kid table at the first Thanksgiving?? :)

We had a pre-Thanksgiving meal at my dad & step-mom's house the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day was spent at my mom & step-dad's home. It was a particularly hectic day with Rebecca being sick and Billy working and being on-call. I think we went through 2 loads of laundry alone that morning! Can you say "lots o'vomit?!" Luckily, I was only responsible for the mac-n-cheese that day! I even managed to make a quick pan of brownies. The vomiting ended by lunchtime, which was much sooner than usual for Rebecca. The whole episodes usually last 8-9 hours, but we got so lucky with just 5 hours this time. She perked up and was able to eat a pretty good lunch and keep it down. We had so much food that you couldn't fit a small sample of everything on your plate. Of course, I ate too much!! It also turned out be a very nice day to play outside so everyone got some much needed Vitamin D! The kids all got horseback rides too!

Vivian with Nannie

Henry riding Doc

Curling up for a story from Paw-Paw after a long Turkey Day

This was the first year in as long as I can remember that I haven't been able to go Christmas shopping with my mom the day after Thanksgiving. Billy had to work the entire weekend, so that kept me home holding down the fort. Oh, my, Rebecca had a horrible weekend. She was in "a mood" after being sick, and I must say that I was glad to see Monday roll around!

I haven't been able to get all of my "nesting" things done, but I am proud to say that my Christmas shopping is DONE and all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree! The Christmas decorations are sparse, mainly just the tree, the kids' stockings, a wreath on the front door, an Advent calendar, and a few candles here and there, but less to take down and put away, right? The kids were able to watch the town Christmas parade this week, thanks to Nannie & Paw-Paw! I still hope that the kids will be able to visit Santa some time before Christmas. I know there won't be much holiday baking and other "fun" activities going on in our home this year, but I hope it will still be a Christmas filled with good memories for them!


Doug and Melody Kemp said...

The boys look great!
And pretty excited.

The girls look so sweet sitting with your step-dad and listening to a story.

Looking forward to meeting the newest Woodall.

Love, Melody

Rebekah D. said...

I'm impressed by what all you were able to accomplish before heading to the hospital, especially with four kids running around! Glad Ellen is here safe and sound, and I can't wait to meet her.