Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas joys

Rebecca gets a CD that sings her name!

One of four dolls that Vivian received!

We are so ready to tear into these!

Grandma visits, bearing gifts!

Grandma (actually, she's Great Grandma!) finally meets Ellen. Grandma flew back from a vacation in Australia the day she was born and then came down with the flu! We're so thankful she's well again!

William's one request from Santa is filled: a space shuttle!

And Henry's one wish: a Walkin' Talkin' Lightning McQueen!

Nannie & PawPaw's TEN grandchildren (and we have half of 'em)!

Seven of eight little ones were present for dinner at Grandma's.

Since you've seen me, I've had my first real bath,

and my first trip to church!

I also really enjoy keeping my mommy & daddy up at night!!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Emily, Ellen is looking more and more like you!! Adorable!

Happy 2009!

Doug and Melody Kemp said...

Looks like the kids enjoyed Christmas. Look at all those happy smiles!

The CD is a great gift.

Melody & Zoey