Friday, December 5, 2008

A blogging marathon

O.K., yeah, I know, it's been over a month since the last post. Nothing too terribly wild and crazy going on around here, just life as usual. But, if I am ever going to keep up a blog at all, I've got to take a few minutes this weekend to "catch up." The big day is Monday, bright and early!!

Let me start with Rebecca...We took her back to the neurologist a few weeks ago, armed with our own research of what might possibly be wrong with her. All of the testing for metabolic disorders had turned out negative (thank the Lord!). When she had her episode in October, a few things started to click for us. Number one, they seemed to be coming in cycles. We were thrown off by the fact that she didn't have ANY during the summer (don't know why). And number two, she was able to tell us that she had a headache and a tummy ache. There is a disorder (that neither of us had ever heard of before) called Cyclic Vomiting Disorder. It is believed to be related to migraine headaches. While the episodes can vary some in duration and periodicity from child to child, the episodes are very predictable for each child. While we don't want to see Rebecca suffer any pain or discomfort, it is a HUGE relief that these episodes do not seem to be related to her developmental delays (we now believe that this is ALL from neglect from being in an orphanage for so long) and they are not causing any neurologic damage. The majority of kids outgrow these by their pre-teen/teen years, but 75% go on to develop typical migraines by age 18. I pray that she is in the minority and doesn't have to suffer through these in adulthood. Rebecca's spells are coming 5-6 weeks apart, and of course, she would have her latest on Thanksgiving Day. It didn't last quite as long as the others, but she did not feel well and was in a bad mood for a couple of days. Whew, I'm glad we're good through Christmas!

We also went for a check-up with her cardiologist at the beginning of this week. Everything looks great and she doesn't have to see him again for THREE years! Isn't that amazing?!

Rebecca has now lost 5 teeth. She actually lost one today at school. The P.E. teacher apparently pulled it for her.

"All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!"

Rebecca is a Daisy Girl Scout! Here she is at her pinning ceremony recently.


Doug and Melody Kemp said...

I am so glad things are going up-hill with Rebecca.

It looks like she is fitting right in with the other girls, and of course she has that beautiful smile on her face.


The Smith's said...

So cute. Rebecca is just adorable. It is amazing how much she has grown since you have gotten her home in just a little over a year.