Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our baby girl

I had a 4-D ultrasound yesterday. It was so cool to see her facial features and see her moving in real time. She was smacking her lips and stretching her arms over her face. She pretty much had her hands in the way the whole time so the doctor was never able to get a good picture of her entire face. She has chubby cheeks and the doctor could tell by the 2-D ultrasound that she has a lot of hair! Her current weight estimate is 3 lbs., 14 oz., so she's growing well.
He scheduled my C-section for December 8th, so that will be the day unless something happens sooner! We still aren't 100% on a name; I think we've changed our minds about 3 or 4 times already, so I'll just wait until that is settled before I post it here.


Russ & Lisa W. said...

Don't you just LOVE hose 4D's! Your baby's first photo!!

We hope you see you tonight!
Love, Lisa

Doug & Melody Kemp said...

This so cool. She looks beautiful!!

I thought of a great name for her.

Addison Amanda Woodall
What do you think?


The Princess's Mommy said...

Emily! She is beautiful! It almost looks like she is smiling! Can't wait to see her in person!


Deanna said...

She is just gorgeous!! I can't wait to meet her!