Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!

Our sweet girl is now 7 years old! She had a big day today. We went this morning to the doctor for her check-up (30+ minute drive) only to find out that the doctor and staff had a scheduling mishap, and the doctor was off today! We had to reschedule. Rebecca also lost one of her earrings yesterday in the yard, so we went back to the jewelry store to have that ear repierced. She also got to go to the salon for a birthday haircut. This was the first time she has had her hair shampooed in the bowl, and she thought that was a hoot! Nannie brought her presents today: a kid-tough camera (I think she's up to 160 shots of people's feet, the wall, the stairwell, all those interesting shots), and a Barbie pilot case. Instead of cooking dinner, I loaded up all the kids and we went through the Burger King drive-thru for Kids' Meals. (I'm a great mom, aren't I?) Daddy then came home and surprised her with flowers and balloons!

Stay tuned for the birthday party tomorrow!

Billy has been working on the girls' present this week (Vivian's birthday is May 6th so this is for both of them). I'll get a shot of the finished product tomorrow!


Rebekah D. said...

Happy Birthday, Rebecca! What a big week! I know she will never forget her first birthday celebration, and neither will y'all. Those kids are going to love that playhouse.
If getting your kids meals from BK is the worst thing you ever do, then you'll be a pretty awesome mom! Don't sweat it!

Russ & Lisa W. said...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry we couldn't make it to your party.
We hope you had a GREAT BIG FUN DAY!

We Love You!!
Lisa & Russ

The Ferrill's said...

We just saw this playhouse at Sam's and my kiddos flipped over it! Rebecca will have so much fun decorating it to her taste. Well, I guess she'll have to pick out some boy things to decorate with too!
Can't wait to see the party pics! What a blessing to have her HOME for this birthday!
Oh, and didn't you know that GREAT moms go through the BK drive-thru! ;)

Doug & Melody Kemp said...

What a great playhouse!

I know the girls will love it!! Every little girl should have a play house. :)
Billy looks like a natural