Thursday, April 3, 2008

At least it didn't hit the fan!

I normally like to share all the cute stuff that the kids do on this blog, but this post is not so cute. We are having a serious recurrent issue with sweet little Vivian. She's just about 23 months old, still in a crib, and she is now fascinated with what goes on inside her diaper. She loves to sit on the potty, make a "pshhhhh" sound, pretend to wipe, and flush it. Now that's cute and seems promising so what's the problem? We're definitely not "there" yet, but at least she's interested. Right?

Well, she has this little habit of taking off her PJ's, clothes, whatever, including the diaper during the night and naptime. (We do not have a video monitor so we have no idea this is going on because she is the quietest child and you never hear her until you go and get her, pretty much.) I walked into her room this afternoon and she had done it again. This is about the 4th time that she has cleaned out her stinky diaper and thrown the contents on the floor next to her crib. The evidence is also smeared on her blanket and sheet and even on the slats of her crib. (Note to self: a white crib would have been much better than dark cherry wood. Get the picture?) So then we go through the decontamination routine. And she's grinning the whole time!! It's gotten to the point that I don't even mind urine-soaked sheets! That's a time for a sigh of relief!

She can free herself from almost any clothing. We thought we had it solved with a sleeper with the little "safety snap" over the zipper thing, but she has broken through that! Now I think we are going to try just a onesie with some pajama pants over that and see how that works. I also thought that a pull-up might be a little more difficult to "go fishing" in, so I have those on my shopping list.

Any other suggestions???

Here's that cute face!


Barley Adoption said...

Does she just do this when she is napping or going to sleep at night. I think that she might be waking up when she feels wet or has a poopie, because she does not like the way it feels. You might want to try putting her on the potty before napp and bedtime and after she wakes up. Even if she has blessed you with that wonderful surprise try putting the poop if you can in the potty and sit her on the potty. Hope that this helps.

The Ferrill's said...

Oh yucky. Ewwww...Diane's got a good idea above. I'm stumped. What a little Houdini!
My first reaction would be to sternly talk to the offender, but I'm not sure in this case if the offender understands since she's so young?

The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, bless your heart! No suggestions here...sorry. I agree with Diane, though. Sounds like she doesn't like the feel of it in her diaper. Good Luck!


jbullington said...

Emily a friend of ours little girl used to take her clothes off at night and they would find her, they ended up having to put safety pins on her clothes where she could not get them off.

She is a cutie....

Rebekah D. said...

Bless your heart! That is not a fun thing to greet you in the morning at all, is it? Ben likes to pull off his diaper if I don't get him right away in the morning, too, but being a boy, it's more about... ummm... playing with his toys, I guess you could say. The onesie with pants over it works best for me, but I think Diane might be right - she just might be ready for potty training in earnest.

Deanna said...

My niece did this and her dad ended up duct taping her diapers I've also heard of putting footless onsie jammies on them backwards. Luckily we've not been through this (though since Mar is only 13 mos we're not through the woods yet!)

Hope you get through this phase soon! Oh and one more thing that helped my sis was that they fgured out that my niece was just simply curious of her poop and she'd leave it alone if they let her 'see' it when they did diaper changes. Micah likes to check his out often too. :)


Chad and Kristy said...

Emily,My son did the same thing but luckily he grew out of it after a handful of times. I went to get him after nap and he had it all over his room, toys, toy box, behind the door, EVERYWHERE!! It was awful! I just kept telling him that it was nasty and we can't do that. Finally, he stopped. Lots of luck to you!!

Kristy Gray