Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rebecca's progress

Today, Rebecca has been home with us for 4 months. She has made tremendous strides in such a short amount of time, but of course, has so far to go. We were able to get tubes placed in her ears about a month ago, after battling ear infections and fluid, and her speech and language have really seemed to take off since that time. We jumped through hoops to get a referral meeting and then evaluation for services through the school system. We went today for the eligibility meeting, and she qualifies for speech & language as well as occupational therapy. She will be getting 2 sessions a week, 30 minutes each, of language, and 1 session, 30 minutes, a week of OT.
Rebecca also started preschool last week and loves it! She is going two half-days a week, and she is in the same class as Henry and William. We are looking nervously toward regular kindergarten in the fall. (The boys won't start K until fall 2009.)
We are awaiting the scheduling of her heart procedure at UAB. We are looking to have that done some time in March.

Rebecca ready for her first day at preschool

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