Sunday, January 27, 2008

I feel like a heel...

I often get asked if I ever just "lose it" with my kids. Tonight I was trying to get the kids to get their PJ's on, brush their teeth, and stop running around and screaming like a bunch of crazy people so they can get to bed. I've been through this routine countless times, so why did I resort to my loud, mean mommy voice and scream at my children? I felt horrible the second I did it, and I apologized to them all. Later, at tuck-in time, I went to William to say his prayers with him. I always ask him if there is anything special he would like to pray for. Tonight, he said he wanted to ask God to help Mommy not to yell like that anymore. And that's just what we prayed for, and I prayed really, really hard.


Rebekah D. said...

I know you feel bad, but trust me, you're not the only Mommy who gets to that point and loses it. (If I had a nickel...) Bedtime and get-ready-to-go-to-church-time are the worst, aren't they? You're a GREAT MOM, and you have more patience with your four than I have with my two! Hang in there!
And THANK YOU again for the adorable clothes! I can't wait to see how cute my little girl will look in those, but it's hard to imagine she could look any cuter than Vivian. What a doll baby!

Tina said...

Emily, You're a WONDERFUL mom and everyone can see how much you love your family.
I pray you have a better week (and calmer bedtimes)

Deanna said...

Praying right there with ya, Emily. Don't know a single mom that doesn't need prayers for that from time to time. :)