Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Alabama snowfall

Boy, if it had been cold enough we would have had a really nice snow. It was beautiful coming down in those big, wet flakes. It was only around a couple of hours before the rain came. We lived in Mobile, AL, until the boys were almost 2, and they hadn't seen snow until last winter. Regretfully, we didn't make it out in that slushy mess; it melted before 9 am, if I remember correctly, plus somebody had a fever that morning. This is definitely the first snow that Rebecca has ever seen. She grew up near the southern coast of China (very tropical). I'd like to say that the kids had a good time running around in the snow, but they kept complaining that it was COLD! I was trying to show them how to catch snowflakes on your tongue and how to make snowballs with the little bit that stuck to the back steps, but there was just a bunch of whining. Henry went out and took his shoes off to get on the trampoline, then started screaming that his feet were hurting and burning! A great introduction to the white stuff!

You have to squint to see it falling!

Things did get a little white...

What is this stuff?!

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Rebekah D. said...

That's funny. I think that, until today, my kids thought snow was just some foamy stuff that blew out of a snowman's hat when it was about 50 degrees outside. Maybe yours will have more fun with it next time it snows!