Monday, November 2, 2009


These were taken almost 2 months ago when Ellen was 9 months old. Thought I'd better get them up before she turns one! She's wearing the same dress that Vivian wore in her 9-month portraits. The dress and bonnet were made and smocked by Nannie.
She started crawling at 9 months and pulling up at 10 months. She's cruising a little, but she still mostly crawls to get what she wants. And, she gets into everything! She laughs at the word "no." She says "Mama" and "Elmo" (which sounds a lot like "mama"). She loves any attention from her brothers and sisters. She's crazy over animals and loves being outdoors. She's shy but flirty; she's not a big fan of strangers holding her right now. She resists napping! She's good to go after a late morning nap until bedtime!

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Deanna said...

Wow she's getting so big! Gorgeous photos!