Friday, October 9, 2009

Sesame Street Live

We were invited last month by my sister-in-law to join my nephew's preschool to see Sesame Street Live. Vivian really enjoyed it, but Ellen was spellbound! She slept a little during the performance, but when she was awake, she couldn't take her eyes off the stage! I think I may have an Elmo lover yet! The boys loved the Wiggles, and Vivian was a Barney fan, now loves Dora.

I can never get Walker to look at the camera!

Beth & Ellen

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Deanna said...

Awwww! Micah went through and Elmo stage and that was the theme of his 2nd bday. Maressa is a huge Dora fan and is fond of our old Wiggles videos too. :)