Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rebecca--Field Day and Roller Skating

Rebecca's school held Field Day on Friday. I didn't get to be there for much of it since I had the other four children all day (preschool is finished). The morning was full of team events, while the afternoon was just one big carnival. Rebecca had a blast!

Inside one of the bouncies

Rebecca with her friend, Nancy Grace

Finishing off the day with a train ride.

Saturday I took Rebecca to her friend Lillian's birthday party at a skating rink. This was the first time that Rebecca has been on "real" roller skates. She went skating a couple of months after we got home from China, but she used the kiddie skates that go over your shoes at that time. She was pretty wobbly, and enjoyed skating on the carpet at first. She then got brave and got on the rink!

She fell quite a few times, but laughed every time!

Trying to get my balance!

She had so much fun that she did not want to leave. I had to promise her that we would come back again and skate!

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