Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last day of preschool

It was a day of three parties, the first one being across town at a city park. We made an appearance with Vivian's class for a little over an hour. That was probably long enough for her to play a little and cling to Mommy a little too.

Here she is with one of her teachers, Mrs. Melanie.

And with Mrs. Alecia.

Ellen likes the park too! I have got to remember a sun hat next time!!

This is fun, but the swings are my favorite.

Now at Henry's party back at the preschool. He is showing off the craft they made out of poster board, a styrofoam bowl, and some yarn.

Henry with a few of his buddies.

Henry's teacher, Mrs. Sue.

Both classes had a balloon release to celebrate the last day (not exactly the "green" thing to do). Here is William's class about to release their balloons.

There they go!

William's class (plus one sibling)

William and Mrs. Wanda

Posing in the preschool lobby on our way out.

If I wasn't being pulled in so many directions today, I might have been a little emotional. When I was putting the boys' lunchboxes away on Monday, I almost got a little teary-eyed thinking that was the last time I would pack their lunches for preschool! Tomorrow night is the big graduation. I hope my mascara is waterproof. I can't believe my babies will go to kindergarten in August!!

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Doug and Melody Kemp said...

The kids are growing up so fast, Vivian looks so tall in these pictures.

Looks like they all had a great time!