Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Next 3 Days....

It's been a few days since I've written anything.  I guess I feel like now that we have both our girls that we're in the home stretch!  Home is still a week away.  :(  There also hasn't been a lot of time to write.  This tiny apartment is crowded, and it seems like someone always has the ipad! 

On Tuesday, 11/19, we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize the adoption.  We had to sign several papers and were asked some of the same questions that we answered about Cora Li.  The notary interviewed us as well and stumped us for a second on how long we have been married.  :)  We were there a couple of hours, I think.  Mariel didn't have much reaction to being there again.  She and the rest of the kiddos were pretty bored.  The afternoon was spent at the hotel.  Mariel began showing some of her personality.  She is so girly and prissy, a little bossy, a little dramatic, but fairly easy-going.

On Wednesday, 11/20, we had the morning free.  We walked to a nearby park.  It had an area with a few kiddie amusement park rides.  Mariel was SO excited to see these.  The boys thought they were too big, but Mariel and Rebecca rode a little train, a carousel, and some little go-carts.  The girls were hilarious on those cars.  These were not bumper cars, but with Mariel not seeing well and Rebecca having little sense of space, let's just say we are very hesitant about drivers' licenses in their future!  They also were drawing a crowd, which was a little embarrassing.  I think we were the only ones laughing.  We then walked through the park some.  There were people there doing various exercises and dancing, and a few others singing or playing instruments.  It was a really beautiful day and many older people were out enjoying it.  We also rented a paddle boat and everyone but Cora Li and me went around the lake a couple of times.  Cora Li was getting a little fussy and I didn't think she would want to sit still in one place for that long.  In the afternoon, we had to go to another building to apply for Mariel's passport.  Upon returning to the hotel, I had to go and complete paperwork for both girls' American visas.  That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  About the time our food came, Mariel started complaining of her head being hot.  She did feel a little feverish, but she ate pretty well.  Billy carried her as we were leaving.  She laid her head on his shoulder.  Because we had to pass McDonald's, we stopped in for some ice cream to go.  By the time we got back to the hotel and had some ice cream, ibuprofen, and decongestant (she's had a little congestion and cough since we got her), she was back to her happy self.  It was good to get to baby her a little.  We didn't get a chance to check her for fever, so we did not lie at all on the medical questionnaire the next day...

Today, the girls had to get their medical exams and TB tests.  They don't do the skin tests anymore; it is a blood draw.  :(  Mariel did well and was very cooperative for all her exams.  Her vision, of course, was abnormal.  If I am remembering correctly, her vision in her left eye was 20/100 (not too bad), and in her right eye was 20/800 (yikes).  I'm anxious to get to her ophthalmology appointment once home.  She does have to hold things very close to make out characters or detail, but she does fine seeing changes in terrain, like stairs, and notices a lot of her environment like any normal-vision kid.  She does have nystagmus pretty bad. 

Cora Li was pretty OK with the exam as long as I could hold her.  She screamed so much during the general exam, she pooped everywhere.  The doctor got out of the way though.  :)  The worst part was that awful TB test.  Two nurses did it behind closed doors.  We were not allowed in there for that.  Oh, how she screamed!  She must have fought pretty hard because it took them about 10 minutes to get a blood sample from her.  She was exhausted and a sweaty mess when they finally brought her out to us.  We now wait for the results to come on Saturday.  If either of them is positive, we will have to stay another 6 weeks, so pray that all is normal. 

We left there and went to the Guangdong Museum.  There were several different exhibits: History, culture, natural resources, pottery, painting, wood carving, etc.  The museum, to me, was too big with a lot of wasted space.  It was difficult to find all the exhibits or at least where you were to enter them.  The kids got really tired of all the walking that they didn't really enjoy it. The architecture, including the museum, and the surrounding buildings was amazing.  The opera house was the strangest building I've ever seen.  The Canton Tower, the 4th largest structure in the world, and the largest television tower in the world, was across the river.  There was also a massive stadium there that was built to float on the water.

Our day was finished with another trip to Trust Mart, our first shopping trip with Mariel.  She kept loading up the shopping cart!  :)

Tomorrow we visit Mariel's orphanage (where she was until she was 7 1/2) and also her finding spot.  I'm sure it will be an emotional day for all of us.  I'm praying that it will be a somewhat happy one for Mariel, to see some familiar faces, but also a chance to say her goodbyes again.

 She wanted a bow too. (Good thing I had one of Ellen's in my purse!)
 Opera house
 Guangdong Museum
Canton Tower
 Happy about eating!
 Nap time
 Paddle boat ride
 (Civil affairs office). Dad entertains.
(Civil Affairs office). Passing the time.
 Ready for a new day

(Notary office). Twirling with her doll

The cars

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